The Law Office of Professor Caio Mário da Silva Pereira was created in the 1950s in Belo Horizonte, where its founding partner had worked for over two decades as a lawyer and as a professor at Minas Gerais Federal University, at the same time he was doing his writing his extensive and influential works on Civil Law doctrine.

In 1970 the firm moved to Rio de Janeiro, where Caio Mário da Silva Pereira continued his litigation practice, especially before the higher courts. Sharing the firm’s duties with his children, Tânia da Silva Pereira and Sergio da Silva Pereira, he was also able to continue his academic career as a tenured professor of Civil Law at Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

Recognized for its activity in the civil area, the Law Office of Professor CAIO MÁRIO DA SILVA PEREIRA practices in various specialized legal areas.

The firm now has two offices, one in downtown Rio de Janeiro, under the coordination of Sérgio da Silva Pereira, and the other in Ipanema, headed by Tânia da Silva Pereira.

To be able to provid e the best possible service, the firm’s members place priority on providing personalized legal advice and representation, respecting the individual needs of its clients.

Faithful the professional philosophy of its founder, the firm’s lawyers, interns and office staff draw inspiration from his teachings, guided by "steadfast loyalty to the principles of morality, democratic ideals and love for the profession.”



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